Info About “End Poverty Now!” March in Cleveland

July 8, 2016

Dear Friends,

For the past year, Organize! Ohio has been coordinating the effort of 30 grassroots groups to organize a grassroots protest called End Poverty Now! March for Economic Justice, to be held on the first day of the Republican National Convention, Monday, July 18 at 2:00 pm beginning at East 45th Street just north of Superior Ave in Cleveland. With a 37% poverty rate and 53% of its children in poverty, Cleveland exemplifies how both Republicans and Democrats have turned their backs on the Economic Human Rights that our country is committed to uphold. We will march to demand justice, equality, and the end of poverty. We hope that you will participate.

The extensive work that goes into planning a rally and protest expecting 5,000 participants takes months of hard work and a vast amount of resources. We are asking that you make a contribution to this effort. Funds are needed for food and water, travel (to assist low-income people to get people to the march from out of Cleveland), signs, t-shirts, printing and copying, and minimal contributions to churches that will make their facilities available for lodging (sleeping on the floor). We also need funds to help pay for the cost of the convergence center at the Ohio City Masonic Arts Center at 2831 Franklin Blvd, which we are helping to coordinate. It will serve as welcoming center for out of town activists during and before the RNC, a location for music/spoken arts, a media center, a base for volunteer medics, a site for sign making and other arts preparation, indy media, and other uses.

We are seeking your support in order to maintain and expand our work to bring the issue of poverty to the forefront of American politics and demand real change to be made. You can support our efforts by buying an End Poverty Now! T-Shirt from the End Poverty Now! Website and make an extra donation (, making a PayPal donation (click here) or by sending a check directly to Organize! Ohio (the address is at the bottom of this email). Any assistance you provide will be greatly appreciated.


Larry Bresler

O!O Executive Director and Coordinator for the RNC March Planning Group

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